Palm Express Magazine
community vaporwave magazine

Palm Express Magazine is a magazine about the Vaporwave genre of Music. The issues of Palm Express magazine will include Vaporwave music, current news, articles on music, interviews, art and many other things. Our team is immersed in the vast Vaporwave scene, and we will make sure that we only deliver our most skilled work to you. There are plenty of popular types of music. This fact brings to mind that people will forget the less popular and fading genres, and yet when asked about them they would recall them, if only a little bit. If you feel nostalgia for the dated / faded pop of the 80s and 90s, you may be a fan of Vapor-Wave, and if you're a fan of Vaporwave then count on Palm Express to set the newest old magazine on your desk.

Our goal is to get a fanbase of Vaporwave listeners and we want to bring people closer together through music and writing... We want to change the entire view of Vaporwave and the scene behind it through our tropical lens.

Issue #1 does not have a date decided as of yet, but is already in the process of being created by the team.